5 Considerations In Hiring A Michigan Commercial Roof Contractor

If you are a business owner in Michigan or someone who manages commercial properties, then you know that hiring the right commercial roof contractor is crucial to ensure the business is always protected all year round.

This is why in this blog, we’ll go through the top five considerations that you should take into account when hiring a commercial roofing contractor in Michigan. This is on top of the legal requirements that you must also check, examine, and verify to ensure compliance.

Roofing Contractor Michigan


This is perhaps one of the biggest considerations you should take into account when hiring a commercial roof contractor. How much are you willing and able to pay for your roofing project? Roofing can be expensive so you have to plan carefully and prepare your finances in advance.

There are several roofing options available for you to choose from. When you hire a professional commercial roofing contractor, they can give you access to these options to satisfy not just your commercial roofing needs but also your budget. They may even give you discounts and rebates.


What is the forte or specialization of the commercial roofing contractor you have in mind? Do they specialize in flat roofing, green roofing, or TPO? Or are they more knowledgeable on EPDM, PVC, and Built-Up Roofing?

It is highly recommended to hire a contractor that specializes in your roofing needs. For instance, if you need roof repairs for your flat roofs, then hire a contractor that specializes in flat roofing. Since it’s their forte, they are more skilled and experienced in how to properly handle and finish the job.


Where is the location of the commercial roofing contractor you have in mind? Are they based in Michigan? Are they located near you? Are they accessible to you? Always keep in mind that in hiring a roofing contractor, location matters.

Experts would highly recommend hiring a local commercial roofing contractor as they are more familiar with your location and the local climate conditions. They know what will work best and what will not. They can provide you with high-quality and satisfying results for any of your commercial roofing needs.

Industry certifications

When hiring a commercial roof contractor, make sure to ask about their certifications as most of them are certified by one or more roofing manufacturers. This is crucial because it shows their expertise, training, dedication, and commitment to quality standards.

For instance, if you have a PVC roof, hiring a Durolast-certified contractor may be a good option. This is because their certification signifies their knowledge and expertise in Durolast products for PVC roofing. Hence, they can deliver better and more satisfying results than others.


Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, non-profit organization that outlines voluntary standards to promote ethical practices in the industry. If a commercial roofing contractor is BBB-accredited, it means they have met these standards.

When hiring a commercial roofing contractor, consider whether they are BBB-accredited or not. If they are, then most likely they are dedicated and committed to ensuring quality results and excellent customer service in all their projects – no matter how small or big they may be. If not, be prepared to take a gamble.

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