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Discover Grosse Ile, Michigan

Michigan’s Grosse Ile Township is a civil township located in Wayne County. 10,777 people were counted in the 2020 census. The largest island in the Detroit River, known as Grosse Ile, is included in the township. “Big Island” is how French explorers referred to Grosse Île when they named it in 1679.

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Big Buildings, Big Roofing Projects, Great Results

Extreme weather is not the only threat to your homes in Grosse Ile, Michigan, even under normal circumstances, weather can take its toll on homes and buildings here, getting roofing contractors Grosse Ile, MI to jump into action to care for as many property owners as possible, and no company does that better than Green Homes.

Our expert services for storm response include a thorough inspection of property damage; meeting with the insurance adjuster; performing work in full compliance with roof replacement Grosse Ile, MI code requirements and with all specifications recommended by the manufacturer of the products we are using on your house or building. Green Home’s prompt service in your time of need makes us #1 among roofing companies Sterling Heights MI.

  • Tarping to rapidly mitigate moisture intrusion
  • Fast, on-site storm damage assessment
  • Ordering of roofing materials without delay 
  • knowledgeable help with insurance claims
  • Compliance with county/city code requirements and manufacturer specifications and 
  • Fair, transparent pricing 

Do You Need Your Roof Worked On?

It can be difficult to tell if you need a new roof or urgent roof repairs. When you’re looking for roofing companies Grosse Ile, MI, consider giving Green Homes Roofing & Solar a chance to inspect your situation, provide honest input about your needs and will never try to sell your services or products you don’t need. 


Common Roof Issues:


  • Loose flashing around your chimney, skylights, or other roof penetrations such as exhaust vents
  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles
  • Displaced or bent metal roofing panels
  • Fallen tree limbs on your roof
  • Detached gutters, fascia, or soffits
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Is Your GROSSE ILE Roofing Contractor Ready When Damage Strikes Your Property?

Addressing roof damage fast is the #1 way to minimize property loss from a leaking shingle, tile, shake, slate or metal roof. When excessive moisture has time to penetrate interiors, you will soon know by the signs of water stains on ceilings and walls, and potentially soaking valuable furniture and objects inside your home or business. Green Homes Roofing & Solar will get to the scene quickly to mitigate costly after effects of a storm.

IMPORTANT: Getting Roof Materials Ordered Before Supplies are Depleted.

After a storm hits, roofing supplies can be exhausted rapidly, as contractors scramble to get their purchase order in to all the regional supplies of roofing materials in eastern Michigan and the Lake St. Clair area. Green Homes Roofing & Solar won’t waste time when it6s clients’ urgent needs are on the line.  Our team will have your critically-needed roofing products secured before local supplies are gone.

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asphalt shingles

Green Homes Know All About the Insurance Claims Process

When it comes to a storm damaged roof, you can bet that your insurance company and mortgage holder wants nothing more than to protect\ the value of your home and all house contents. Insurance companies don’t want another claim because repair or restoration work wasn’t done properly due to a lack of funds to do it right, the first time. And, your lender doesn’t want to see you get into a bind paying your mortgage payment! So, by filing an insurance claim in the proper and most thorough manner, expect an adequate payoff–Green homes can help you make that happen with sound advice and support in documenting your property damage. If your Sterling Heights home or building is damaged due to a covered event beyond your control, such as a severe wind, rain, ice, snow or hail storm, make sure you pursue the insurance claim the right way. 

A properly filed damage claim, thoroughly documenting all the needed roof repair or replacement work necessary, enables roofing contractors like Green Homes Roofing & Solar to help you get the cash you need for a proper roof restoration.

Consider a Green Homes Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is more than just a trip up a ladder and a stroll around your roof to spot obvious problems. Instead, a proper inspection entails creating a thorough, professional documentation of roof conditions, good and bad, which includes photographic evidence and written descriptions of your roof conditions. A roof inspection report should contain information such as roof measurements and evidence of any at-risk condition that might lead to failure in any aspect of a roof’s ideal performance. Green Homes Roofing & Solar’s professional roof inspections give property owners clear, fact-based advice on repairs which can not wait for remediation, and conditions that portend potential trouble in the near future.

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Asphalt Shingles

Contents of a Roof Inspection Report

  • Supportive documentation for insurance claim, if applicable 
  • Roof measurements including accurate pitch 
  • Photo evidence of problem areas
  • Clear, written description of damage 
  • Inventory of needed/recommended repairs
  • Estimate based on scope of work, materials, labor, and related services, i.e. dumpster fee
  •  Ongoing roof maintenance recommendations

Get Your Home Prepped Before Storms Arrive.

Rain, snow, wind, and are a part of life in eastern Michigan. Green Homes Roofing & Solar knows what the weather can do to homes. When bad weather threatens, Green Homes Roofing & Solar can make sure your roof is ready. Contact us about getting valuable, on-site storm-readiness advice as a preventative measure. 

  • Pre-storm tarping of vulnerable parts of your roof
  • Installation of tie down hardware, such as wind clips
  • Preemptive, small repair of vulnerable parts of your roof, such as loose flashing or shingles
  • Trimming of dead limbs and/or overhanging tree branches
  • Examination and tie-down, if necessary, of sheds, playhouses, etc., to ensure safety and storm resistance
  • Secure or remove loose objects around your property

When weather strikes Grosse Ile, Green Homes Roofing & Solar is at your service!

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Summer wind gusts, winter blizzards… Violent weather in eastern Michigan can spell trouble for Grosse Ile homes and business owners. Your roof is your first defense against these elements. With proper care, a roof can withstand serious weather events year-round, but when damage is incurred, Green Homes Roofing & Solar will act fast to ensure your immediate and long term safety by fixing or replacing, if necessary, your home and building exteriors.  

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