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Glimpse History of Jackson, MI

Jackson’s roots run deep, dating back to its establishment in 1829. As one of Michigan’s oldest cities, it has played a pivotal role in shaping the state’s history. Jackson holds the distinction of being the “Birthplace of the Republican Party,” hosting the historic convention in 1854 that led to its formation. Today, echoes of the past reverberate through the city’s historic architecture, museums, and cultural landmarks.

Visitors can delve into Jackson’s storied past at the Ella Sharp Museum, housed in a magnificent historic mansion. The museum’s exhibits offer insights into local history, art, and science, providing a captivating journey through time. From the industrial heritage showcased at the Hurstville Interpretive Center to the artistic treasures displayed in the galleries, Jackson’s history comes alive in vivid detail

Nature's Bounty in Jackson, MI

Beyond its urban landscapes, Jackson boasts an abundance of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Cascades Falls Park stands as a testament to the city’s natural beauty, with its picturesque waterfalls cascading amidst lush greenery. Visitors can wander along scenic trails, marvel at the cascading waters, or simply relax in the serenity of nature’s embrace.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ella Sharp Park offers a wealth of recreational opportunities. From golfing on pristine fairways to leisurely strolls through wooded trails, the park caters to all interests. With its rolling hills, serene ponds, and vibrant flora, Ella Sharp Park is a haven for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace

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Delights of Culture in Jackson, MI

Jackson’s cultural scene is as diverse as it is vibrant, offering a tapestry of arts, music, and community events. The Michigan Theatre stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, hosting live performances, film screenings, and cultural events throughout the year. Its majestic Art Deco architecture and rich history add to the allure of the city’s cultural landscape.

Art enthusiasts will find plenty to admire in Jackson’s local galleries and studios. From contemporary works to traditional craftsmanship, the city’s artistic community thrives on creativity and innovation. Galleries such as Art 634 showcase the talents of local artists, providing a platform for expression and appreciation.


Community of Jackson, MI

What truly sets Jackson apart is its sense of community spirit and camaraderie. From lively festivals to grassroots initiatives, the city buzzes with energy and enthusiasm. Annual events like the Hot Air Jubilee and the Civil War Muster bring residents together in celebration of shared traditions and heritage.

Moreover, Jackson’s downtown district pulsates with life, with its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Whether savoring a cup of artisanal coffee or perusing boutique shops, visitors are welcomed with open arms by the friendly locals

Do You Need Your Jackson Homes Worked On?

Determining whether you require an urgent roof repair or a new roof might be challenging. Give Green Homes Roofing & Solar a chance to examine your situation, offer honest feedback about your needs, and will never try to sell you services or goods you don’t need when you’re looking for roofing companies in Jackson, MI. 

Typical roof problems:

  • Your chimney, skylights, or other roof penetrations such as exhaust vents may have unsecured flashing.
  • missing, curling, or cracked shingles
  • bent or misaligned metal roofing panels
  • Branches from a fallen tree on your roof
  • Gutter, fascia, or soffit separation
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Is Your JACKSON Roofing Contractor Ready When Damage Strikes Your Property?

The best approach to reduce property loss due to a leaky metal, tile, shake, or shingle roof is to address roof damage quickly. You will quickly notice water stains on ceilings and walls, as well as the possible sogginess of priceless furniture and items inside your home or place of business, when sufficient moisture has had time to permeate interiors. Green Homes Roofing & Solar will arrive on the site swiftly to minimize the storm’s expensive aftereffects.

IMPORTANT: Getting Roof Materials Ordered Before Supplies are Depleted.

As contractors rush to submit their purchase orders to all the local suppliers of roofing materials in eastern Michigan and the Lake St. Clair region after a storm hits Jackson, roofing supplies might run out quickly. When the urgent demands of its customers are at stake, Green Homes Roofing & Solar won’t spare time.  Before local supplies run out, our staff will have your urgently needed roofing components secured.

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asphalt shingles

Green Homes Know All About the Insurance Claims Process

You can guarantee that your insurance company and mortgage holder want nothing more than to safeguard the value of your home and all of its contents when it comes to a storm-damaged roof. Because there wasn’t enough money to conduct the repair or restoration work properly the first time, insurance companies don’t want to be held liable for another claim. Additionally, your lender doesn’t want you to experience financial difficulty making your mortgage payment! Expect a sufficient payout by making an insurance claim in the right and most thorough way, and Green Homes can assist you in doing so by offering wise counsel and assistance in identifying your property damage. If a covered incident results in damage to your Ann Arbor house or other structure make sure you pursue the insurance claim the appropriate way if something happened that was beyond of your control, like a severe wind, rain, ice, snow, or hailstorm. 

Roofing companies like Green Homes Roofing & Solar can assist you in obtaining the funding you need for a quality roof restoration by filing a damage claim that fully documents all required roof repair or replacement work.

Consider a Green Homes Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is more than just a trip up a ladder and a stroll around your roof to spot obvious problems. Instead, a proper inspection entails creating a thorough, professional documentation of roof conditions, good and bad, which includes photographic evidence and written descriptions of your roof conditions. A roof inspection report should contain information such as roof measurements and evidence of any at-risk condition that might lead to failure in any aspect of a roof’s ideal performance. Green Homes Roofing & Solar’s professional roof inspections give property owners clear, fact-based advice on repairs which can not wait for remediation, and conditions that portend potential trouble in the near future.

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Asphalt Shingles

Contents of a Roof Inspection Report

  • Supportive documentation for insurance claim, if applicable 
  • Roof measurements including accurate pitch 
  • Photo evidence of problem areas
  • Clear, written description of damage 
  • Inventory of needed/recommended repairs
  • Estimate based on scope of work, materials, labor, and related services, i.e. dumpster fee
  • Ongoing roof maintenance recommendations

Get Your Home Prepped Before Storms Arrive.

In eastern Michigan, there is a constant threat of rain, snow, and wind. Green properties Roofing & Solar is aware of the effects that weather can have on Jackson, Michigan, area properties. Green Homes Roofing & Solar can make sure your roof is prepared when inclement weather is expected. Get in touch with us to learn more about receiving practical, on-site storm readiness guidance. 

  • Tarping vulnerable roof areas before a storm
  • Putting in place tie-down devices, including wind clips
  • Modest, preventative repairs of your roof’s weaker areas, including loose flashing or shingles
  • Trimming of overhanging tree branches and/or dead limbs
  • Examining and securing sheds, playhouses, and other structures as necessary to ensure their safety and storm resistance
  • Around your property, secure or remove any loose things.

When weather strikes Jackson, Green Homes Roofing & Solar is at your service!

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Strong winds in the summer and blizzards in the winter can cause problems for Jackson residents and business owners. Your first line of defense against these elements is your roof. A roof can endure severe weather events all year long with proper maintenance, but when damage occurs, Green Homes Roofing & Solar will move quickly to secure your immediate and long-term safety by mending or replacing your home and building exteriors, as necessary.  

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