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Gutters serve an important purpose in the function and upkeep of your roof system and your home. They’re not just there to prevent rainwater runoff from pouring on your head! And, while gutters provide a nice, “finished” look to your home, they’re more than just decorative. Gutters actually preserve the structural integrity of a building by guiding water flowing down from your roof slopes to downspouts that direct the runoff away from your eaves and from your home’s foundation.

gutter installation
New gutter installation

Impacts of Poorly Functioning Gutters

The impacts of missing or poorly functioning gutters can be costly. Simple, relatively inexpensive gutter repair, especially gutter leak repair, can save you thousands of dollars while ensuring a healthy atmosphere inside your home. Gutter replacement may be an even better option, if your existing gutters are beyond repair,

Consider these factors of inefficient handling of water runoff – rain or melting snow – from your roof.

Gutter Services by Green Homes Roofing & Solar

Homeowners who do not have gutters or whose gutter system isn’t operating up to par, need a roofing contractor like Green Homes to correct the situation by installing new gutters or repairing existing ones. Gutters reduce the need for you to get up a ladder to clean and unclog gutters–a risky and messy proposition. Removing obstacles within the gutter channel and keeping your gutters free of leaf build-up is essential to maintaining a sound roof and home foundation.

New gutter installation
New gutter installation

Types of Gutters

Gutters come in a variety of colors, too. They can also be fit with gutter guards to sift out leaves, pine needles and other debris to help keep your gutters following freely!

Gutter Sizes

The size of your gutters dictate their water-channeling capacity. Most common sizes are 5-inch and 6-inch gutters, which describe the width of the opening at the top of the gutter spans. Six-inch gutters are usually used on commercial buildings while 5-inch gutters are most often used for homes.

New gutter installation
New gutter installation

Gutter Styles

The common styles of gutters are K-Style and Half-Round gutters, referring to the contours of the gutter itself. 

  • Half-Round gutters have a style that resists clogging and corrosion. Half-round gutters are easy to take care of and easy to clean. These gutters may not have the capacity to handle torrential downpours, such as those that accompany tropical storms, but since those conditions are rare in our region, it’s not a major factor.  
  • K-Style gutters – Because of its shape, a K-style gutter is less likely to bend when pressured by strong winds; the weight of ice or snow; or impact by a fallen tree limb. This shape also allows for a lighter material to be used in the gutters’ fabrication. Less weight means less stress on the fascia and rafters of the home or building where the gutters attach. 
  • Seamless gutters are a good option, too. These custom-made gutters are tailored to fit your home and they tend to be a long-lasting solution that won’t crack or split

Gutter Replacement by Green Homes

If you don’t feel your current gutter system is protecting your property, consider a full replacement. By installing a new, sturdy gutter system, you’ll be able to relax knowing your home is safe from moisture damage. When a skilled contractor like Green Homes of southeast Michigan is at your service. We can perform your gutter replacement quickly and cost efficiently.

New gutter installation
gutter repair

Storm-Damaged Gutters and Your Insurance Policy

The importance of a fully restored gutter system can not be underestimated. When severe weather strikes Michigan’s Lake St. Claire or Lake Erie area and your property suffers damages, including problems with your gutter system, your insurance company should cover the needed repairs or replacement. Properly installed and precisely angled gutters are essential to protecting an entire home or business from the risks of moisture penetration. Let Green Homes Roofing & Solar ensure that your gutter damage is accurately assessed and covered in your claim.

Key Components of a Gutter System


The sectionsthat run parallel to the eaves of your homes and which collect the initial water runoff. Gutters are set at a slight angle to channel water at a mild speed towards the downspouts. Gutters angled too steeply create a gush of water at the downspout terminus, which causes overspilling. Gutters which are not angled enough, fail to create a flow that prevents accumulation of sediment debris and promotes clogging.

New gutter installation
New gutter installation


End Caps stop water from draining out the side of the gutter. End caps are set in sealant so they remain leak free.


Downspouts drain water vertically instead of horizontally like the gutters.  The size of the downspouts is very important in terms of how much water it can carry.  3” x 4” rectangular downspouts can drain approximately twice as much water as 2”x 3” downspouts and are usually recommended.

New gutter installation
gutter installation


Downspout traps are used to catch the debris coming from the rain gutters and prevent it from flowing into the underground drain system.


Outlet tubes are inserted into a designed opening in your gutter where the downspout is connected and these components maximize the drainage capacity of the downspouts.

gutter installation
gutter installation


Wherever water gathers and channels off your roof, such as in the V-shaped “valleys,” splash guards are used to prevent splatters and overflows that can soil and stain the outside of your home.


Peak performance of any gutter system calls for adequate fasteners such as  gutter screws, aluminum rivets, and stainless steel zip screws

gutter replacement
gutter replacement


Miters are installed wherever gutters form an angle, such as where a valley drains into the gutters. Miters are normally custom-cut, pop riveted, and sealed on the inside of the gutter to form a watertight seal.


Homes and structures with overhanging tree tree limbs should have gutters equipped with gutter guards so the downspouts do not become clogged.

gutter installation
gutter installation


Elastomeric sealant prevents leaks at various gutter accessories, such as outlet tubes, miters, and end caps.

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